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Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> On 1/30/06, Tino Wildenhain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Peter Bengtsson schrieb:
>>>Suppose my code looks like this::
>>> class MyProduct(Folder):
>>>      blablabla
>>> print "class MyProduct has just been reloaded"
>>>Then I start zope with ./bin/runzopt, debug-mode off, make a change in
>>>the product and press the Refresh button in the Control_Panel and
>>>notice how it prints
>>>'class MyProduct has just been reloaded' to stdout but the change I've
>>>made does not happen. A quick restart of Zope makes the change happen.
>>>That's what I meant.
>>Better your zLog or log instead of print.
>>The refresh works most of the times - but its really a very bad hack
>>and does not garanty for anything. If it does not work for your
>>product you need to restart.
> That's not good enough. The only thing that changed between my
> development environments was the version of zope and then it stopped
> working. Python product refresh is crucial to zope2 and this problem
> needs to be sorted out.

I don't agree that refresh is "crucial": refresh has always had "best
effort" semantics, which leads many experienced Zope2 developers never
to use it at all.  Through bitter experience, they have learned that
when refresht fails (silently), they have found that the hours spent
figuring out why the application's behavior changed are much more
expensive than the time it takes enter '<Ctrl-C><UpArrow><Enter>' in the
zopectl shell.

You'd be better off lobbying for faster restart times, including
especially the third party products you use (a "stock" Zope restarts
*very* quickly).

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