For those interested I've put together a little basic zope python product here:

To reproduce the refreshing problem:
install this product,
start zope,
change something in the index_html() method,
go to /Control_Panel/Products/MyProduct/manage_refresh,
press refresh,
and notice how the change doesn't take effect,
restart zope and notice how that's the only way to refresh.

About the importance of this... See below

> >
> > That's not good enough. The only thing that changed between my
> > development environments was the version of zope and then it stopped
> > working. Python product refresh is crucial to zope2 and this problem
> > needs to be sorted out.
> I don't agree that refresh is "crucial": refresh has always had "best
> effort" semantics, which leads many experienced Zope2 developers never
> to use it at all.  Through bitter experience, they have learned that
> when refresht fails (silently), they have found that the hours spent
> figuring out why the application's behavior changed are much more
> expensive than the time it takes enter '<Ctrl-C><UpArrow><Enter>' in the
> zopectl shell.

I've got fresh install of zope2.9 on my half-decent thinkpad with few
but very light products (no CMF, Plone or TextIndexNG). A restart
takes about 3-5 seconds buy human stopwatch.
A product refresh in the Control Panel takes less than 1 second.

The whole story is that I never use the Control_Panel manually; I have
a spinning script that uses inotify on changes and visit the control
panel programmatically using ZPublisher.Client
I don't use auto-refresh on changes because of the risk of getting
those strange ValueError's from the session machinery. And by the way,
a zope restart makes you loose your SESSION.

Point is, to **ME** product refreshing is much much more productive
that zope restarts.

> You'd be better off lobbying for faster restart times, including
> especially the third party products you use (a "stock" Zope restarts
> *very* quickly).

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