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Perhaps you could write a short how-to describing the exact versions you used? Both myself and Jens had little joy with this...

I just managed to build myself an ESI enabled Squid3 with the following configure invocation. It is based roughly on the example on longsleep.org,but it removes the ssl module and adds one critically needed adjustment of specifying libxml2

env CXXFLAGS="`xml2-config --cflags`" CFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS" LDFLAGS="`xml2-config --libs`" sh configure --prefix=/usr/local/ squid3 --enable-gnuregex -with-pthreads --enable-esi --enable- storeio=ufs,aufs --with-aufs-threads=10 --enable-useragent-log -- enable-referer-log --enable-x-accelerator-vary --with-dl


sudo make install

Getting the SSL module to work seemed to require one small adjustment to to the source in src/client_side.cc . I'll try to get a patch to configure.in together so that the correct paths are recognized automatically.

I wasn't involved in the Squid3/ESI work done at boston.com before, so I don't know if there are any issues beyond the ones I resolved in getting things to build. _______________________________________________
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