On 1/31/06, Florent Guillaume <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> > On 1/30/06, Andreas Jung wrote:
> >> --On 30. Januar 2006 17:39:11 +0000 Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> >>> It's not a strange product. It's quite simple in fact.
> >>> Not being able to refresh without restarting means that I can't use
> >>> Zope 2.9 for python product development.
> >> Why is refresh a requirement for doing Zope development? I am doing Zope
> >> development since five or six years and I have never done any development
> >> using Refresh...so there must be something very special with your
> >> development approach?!
> >>
> > Sorry. It's not a _requirement_. But without it I loose productivity.
> > (see my previous email on this topic with the human benchmark,
> > ValueErrors and lost SESSIONS).
> >
> > I too have several years of zope programming beyond the ZMI and have
> > developed many products and refreshing is the only way I know to
> > quickly test changes.
> > Having to wait a few seconds for each test is not an option.
> >
> > How do you solve this problem without refreshing? Or are you ready to
> > wait for the zope restart and avoid it by writing more unit tests?
> Yes most people who are serious about their developments use unit tests and
> functional tests and non-regression tests. They start by coding tests and
> doctests about code they've not yet written.
> In most cases when I develop, I don't go to the ZMI until quite late in the
> process. Going to the ZMI is not productive.
I don't go into the ZMI either, I have scripts that call
manage_performRefresh() from the commandline.
Few of my projects are brain surgery. Often I develop products for
clients that don't need a rocket engine, just a neat app to handle
their content.
It usually doesn't require brains, just time. BUT I don't want to go
back to develop this content handling with Script (Python) and ZSQL

> That's why I, like others in this thread, don't care about refresh.

Like I mentioned elsewhere, with my setup, restarting zope is gravely
inferior to zope-restart for product development.

I'm happy to share my setup to Open Source but it's quite "personal"
so I'd have to spend as much time explaining it as I have spent
writing it.
Hmm... perhaps a screencast?

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