This little bit of code has some clues:

    def put(self, code, t, desc):
        if code not in ('A', 'B', 'I', 'E'):
            raise "unknown request code %s" % code
        if code == 'B':
            self.start = t
            self.method, self.url = desc.strip().split()
        elif code == "I":
            self.t_recdinput = t
            self.isize = desc.strip()
        elif code == "A":
            self.t_recdoutput = t
            self.httpcode, self.osize = desc.strip().split()
        elif code == 'E':
            self.t_end = t
            self.elapsed = int(self.t_end - self.start)

B  = beginning request handling
I  = finished receiving input from the client
A  = finished receiving output from Zope's publisher
E  = request handling ended

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On Feb 2, 2006, at 4:20 PM, Dennis Allison wrote:

I gleened what I could from the requestrofiler code, but teh
meaning of the desc field for I is not described in the comments.
A quick check of the code did not help either.

On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, Tres Seaver wrote:

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Dennis Allison wrote:
generally it's

        code id fromepoch desc

The desc field is

        B       request (e.g. 'GET /')
        I       ???
        A       status_code bytes

The desc for E is normally empty.  The desc for I is usually 0
or a small integer.  Google could not help me find a definition
for the desc value associated with I.  Can someone assist?

I'd suggest looking at '$SOFTWARE_HOME/utilities/',
which is a tool for reporting against that log file.

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