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Peter Bengtsson wrote:
Zope objects don't have a creation date, but they have a modification
date which is called bobobase_modification_time which is a callable
function. This can't be modified as far as I know other than setting
this date to todays date and time. Don't rely on this date for

You're better off setting your own date on every object. How you do
this depends but if you use Plone it shouldn't be hard if you use

Stock CMF content stores the creation data in a separate attribute,
'creation_data'.  That attribute has mo "mutator" method, and therefore
cannot be assigned by untrusted code.  You should be able to set the
value from an ExternalMethod, however.

Since the original posting was a cross-posting from the plone-users list I assume that we are talking about a Plone specific issue. And ATContentTypes
defines the setCreationDate() mutator for that...but I explained that to the
asker already two times but he seems to death on both ears :-/


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