michael nt milne said the following on 2006-02-14 12:30:
 As for the issue with IE6 and editing pages over SSL it all works fine
 in Firefox 1.5, so it's a browser issue which I just can't quite
 fathom just now.

 >>I doubt it, my guess would still be that you're doing something wrong
>>>Sorry but I don't agree on this one. I haven't altered any of the Plone 'edit page' functionality. It's out of the box. Works fine without SSL but on SSL trying to edit a page causes 'can't find server'. Firefox though works perfectly viewing and editing so it's a browser issue. I know of other people who have issues with IE and posting images over SSL. Must be something to do with POST security over IE. I'm going to take it up with them but don't expect too much of a response. I'm now about to try with Opera.

This part is *only* about setting up the servers, apache and zope in this context, properly.

There is nothing in Zope that works differently when serving over ssl or not. SSL is just a transport layer, so it does *not* affect zope-capabilities in any way.

I am sure you know this, but since we have learned very little (or at least I have - maybe I am not paying attention well enough :-):

*HOWEVER*, IIRC, plone, especially on windows (if installed with the windows installer) uses a trick, which is not documented at all, as far as I know, uses a Site Access rule.

Have you modified that rule to take advantage of the SSL -server? Perhaps the SiteAccess rule is triggering adn trying to redirect you to an address/port where there is no service listeing?


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