Ron Bickers wrote:
Both lighty and Apache use OpenSSL.

Good point ;-)

I'm using it and haven't seen any battlefield casualties so far. ;-) Apache has its share of (even recent) security issues, including some related to mod_ssl.

Honestly, I see that as a good thing! It's a bit like the old "macs never get exploited" argument, it's not because there aren't exploits there, it's because not enough people use them for someone to stumble across them ;-)

Lighty seems to be fitting well for those that need a smaller, simpler server, which is why I mentioned it. I'll leave it as an exercise for the interested to determine if they want to use it.

True, and simplicity does often make for more security and so, while I'd stick with Apache for the reasons already mentioned, I retract my comment about lighttpd...


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