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> Hi,
> On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 02:08:10PM +0100, bruno desthuilliers wrote:
>>John Poltorak wrote:
>>>I would like to create a folder (news) which contains several news items, 
>>>lets say news1, news2, news3.
>>>I would like to set up a menu box which lists all the news items in 
>>>the news folder which when clicked on would load each one up.
>>>How do I code this up? (Hope someone understands what I'm getting at)
>>What's your question exactly ? How to create a new Folder-like type and
>>the related news type ? How to create the html for the menu ? Something
>>else ?
> Forget 'news' for the moment, I was just using it as an example.
> What I wanted to do was create a folder where I could place objects

Quite simple for now: create a folder and place objects inside !-)

> and 
> have them automatically appear on a selectable menu.

You mean a menu of links, or a select in a field ?

> As an example I might have an 'events' folder where I had objects event1, 
> event2, event3 so would want to see a list of selectable objects on a 
> particular menu.

news.objectValues(['event']) method will give you the list of objects
with meta_type 'event' contained in the folder with id 'news'. So
Andrew's answer was almost ok:

<tal:block define="news python:['event']" >
<ul tal:condition="news" tal:repeat="new news" >
    <a tal:attributes="href news/absolute_url"

(replace html markup with what appropriate of course...)

NB: see also objectIds() and objectItems() in the doc.

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