Several months ago someone provided me with me with some sample code which 
did exactly what I wanted, but looking at it again it looks a little 
unwieldy and could do with tidying up. It consists of:-

<span tal:define="opts 
   <tal:block repeat="opt opts">
      <li><a     tal:content="python:opt[1]"
          tal:attributes="href python:'news_items/'  + opt[0]"></a></li>

which involves parsing a file containing two fields separated by ','



The second field is just a string which appears in a selection menu, and 
the first is the name of a folder which contains an object called 
'content' which get displayed  on selecting the correponding link.

I know this is not a particularly elegant way of doing it, but after 
looking at some TAL examples just can't figure out the right way to do it. 
Some help in simplifying it would be appreciated.


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