maybe my question is not that understandable.

I tried with a normal testform and a testaction (form with some fields like
name, firstname, ... and an action that returns the values in a little hello
"firstname", ...)
now I changed the form action to testmethod and made a testmethod that calls
<dtml-var testAction>. so actually it's the same.
and this works.

but now:

when working with plonelocalfolderNG, I saw in the standard given page, that
the form action is just: htmlformuploadfile.
so I copied a small form in my testform, and used formaction
htmlformuploadfile. and all works, he uploads the file to the external
but now I tried to move the formaction to the testmethod (<dtml-var
testAction> to <dtml-var htmlformuploadfile>)
and this doesn't work,
I keep getting a keyerror on htmlformuploadfile

what am I doing wrong?
it's quite urgent


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in plonelocalfolderNG you have the htmlformuploadfile method, that is called
in the form action.
but I needed to save everything in a db also, so I called a dtml method in
the form action. whitch first calls the db-store scripting, and then the
everything is stored well in the db now,
but now I don't know how to call the htmlformuploadfile from this script.

I tried some things like:
<dtml-var htmlformuploadfile>
<dtml-var http://....../htmlformuploadfile>
also tried using <dtml-call ...
but nothing seems to work,
he always says htmlformuploadfile doesn't exist.
I tought I just had to call the same thing as in the action argument, but
how do I know how to call it when I call it from a dtml method instead?

thanks in advance

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