Hi David,
I reviewed OFS.CopySupport.py which is how I knew that eInvalid exception is being raised. I also called manage_cutObjects with the REQUEST as you mention. That's what is weird about this whole thing. I know that I had clipboard data and the __cp cookie is set. Everytime I tried to do the paste, I'd get the "cookie truncated" message. You're right about the documentation. As with most Zope documentation, it's not that great. Lately, I go straight to the source. I find I learn more that way.

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Palermo, Tom wrote:
Hi David,
In my last post, I wrote that I tried calling manage_pasteObjects a variety of ways:
as well as the original:
All 3 of these attemps results in the eInvalid exception gettting raised by manage_pasteObjects( ). req['__cp'] is a reference to the cookie that gets set when you place something on the clipboard. I was trying to grab a specific piece of the REQUEST instead of the whole thing. Does context.manage_pasteObjects(context.REQUEST) need to be written as: context.manage_pasteObjects(REQUEST=context.REQUEST)?
It's kind of a moot point now anyway. I'm using some SESSION variables now to store the ids of te objects I want to cut and the path of their container so I can do the cut and paste from a single script. Not sure if this is good or not but it's working for me now. It's one of those times when I just need something to work.

Hi Tom,

I'm glad you found 'another way' but in the interest of no one I wish to add the following.

These methods:  manage_copyObjects, manage_cutObjects and manage_pasteObjects should be reviewed in /OFS/CopySupport.py - because the current docs do not describe them well.

For example, the copy method works differently depending on whether you just pass the container's Ids or pass the Ids *and* the REQUEST.

No reason to beat a dead horse  but of the 3 tries you listed only the first can (but conditionally) work:


But *only* if you first called manage_copyObjects (or manage_cutObject) with the REQUEST as a parameter included .... (only then does REQUEST get the __cp object)

Your second try:


Is wrong because it is passing a list of items in the clip board instead of the the encoded copy object (returned by manage_copyObjects) that "manage_pasteObjects" expects

Your last try is wrong because both parameters are incorrect. :-)

All best,


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