Chris Withers wrote:
Dieter Maurer wrote:

It does now -- at least for "FSPythonScripts" when you are on a *nix
platform and your files contain DOS lineends.

Does this only affect (FS)PythonScripts or all disk based python code?

There has been a bug in Zope since ages, where multiline python in tal fails if it has Window line endings.

Eg. this will fail with windows line endings:

<div tal:content="content python:' '.join(['oh',

This does not have multiline Python in the tal expression and will not fail:

<div tal:attributes="title string:a title;
                     id python: '42';">

I have no idea if it is a manifestation of the same problem.

Since no one with the knowledge of the ZPT is willing to fix it, I did it for myself by setting up my svn rules to linux line endings ...

But it is clearly an annoying bug. Imagine if plain Python worked that way :-(


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