Brian Sullivan wrote at 2006-3-9 14:23 -0500:
>On 3/9/06, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> ...
>> It does now -- at least for "FSPythonScripts" when you are on a *nix
>> platform and your files contain DOS lineends.
>>  You then will get (starting with Python 2.4) SyntaxErrors
>>  at line ends.
>> Of course, things are different when you are on a Windows platform
>> and your files contain DOS lineends...
>Different in what way?

On Windows, FSPythonScripts may use DOS lineends.

>I was experiencing difficulty on a Windows platform. The scripts in
>question have never seen anything other than Windows.
>Are you indicating that the line end issue is not what I was experiencing?

Indeed, it looks this way.

However, there is another caveat:

  Sometimes files with DOS lineends end up in CVS (maybe SVN)
  (in your own that of the developpers). When they are extracted
  from Windows, then the DOS lineend "\r\n" can become
  "\r\r\n" and that Python does not like even under Windows.

You can easily find out whether you have a lineend problem
by examining your files with a binary viewer (do not know
what such a binary viewer is under Windows -- under *nix,
"od" is one).

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