On 3/15/06, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That question is not Zope specific -- you would need to modify the start
> scripts for your appservers to make whatever kernel / libc-specific
> calls are needed (on Solaris, it would be invoking the 'pbind' command).
> In the worst case, you would end up writing a wrapper binary which set
> the affinity mask and then exec'ed Python.
> I don't know what facilities the kernel in your Linux provides for doing
> that (and haven't tried on any recent kernels of my own, either).

On 2.6 kernels (and possibly some patched/backported 2.4 kernels) with
recent glibc versions, the API call to use would be
sched_setaffinity() ( see <sched.h> ) . I'm not aware of any existing
userland command on Linux equivalent to "pbind" of Solaris or
"mpsched"  or "runon" of other UNIX systems. It would be a pretty easy
little program to write though. You should be able to set the
processor affinity on your running Zope instance too, assuming
appropriate privledges.

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