Hugo Ramos wrote:
"Has any1 tried this before? Can you point me to some documentation?
What's your experience? is it true that not doing this the 4 cpu's
will not be 100% used?"

I think these questions are very ZOPE RELATED since I asked them in a
Zope mailing list don't you think?

Eh ... it doesn't become zope related because you ask it in a Zope group. Do you also ask how to write books on a Microsoft Word list?

I'm asking about Zope user/administrator experience related to Zope
use on a quad machine!!!

Of course if some1 tells me how to do it using OS related stuff this
is STILL Zope related!

Assigning a process to a cpu is a general os problem, and not really related to zope. Zope is just another process.

eg: is running on a dual cpu box, with one zeo and a zeo client, so clearly it can be done.

Hey... but thank you Jens for spending all that time writing an email
that doesn't help any1 at all...!!!

Sarkasm against a long time, and helpfull, list user will not help you any at all.


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