Jeff Gentry wrote at 2006-3-15 15:55 -0500:
> ...
>In the past when I've worked with external products, all of my template,
>dtml, html, etc files have already been predefined and I've explicitly
>declared them in my code.  for instance, to use a dtml file I would say
>something like:
>blah = DTMLFile('dtml/blah', globals())

You can let your class derive from "OFS.ObjectManager.ObjectManager"
(or maybe "OFS.Folder.Folder"). Then you can put objects
into them.

> ...
>b) What's the best way besides the mailing list to stay up to date with a
>lot of this stuff.  I ask because when I look at Plope I see a link to the
>2.7 Zope Book.

It is all voluntary work...
And documentation is less fun than code...

The 2.7 edition is still a good reference.
What's new in Zope 2.8 is essentially the integration
of Zope3 via Five. You may look for a Five description
to learn what that means.

> When I try to find a copy of the Zope Developer Guide it
>points me to the 2.4 version.

This is still valid.

Only when you want to use the new Zope3 feature via Five,
you will have to consult a Five description (and maybe read
a Zope3 book).

> Most of what I've learned comes from those
>two guides and looking at other products - but then I'll end up seeing
>this or that which I picked up from XYZ product is "the wrong way to do
>it now"

Do not worry too much. The right/wrong way is not absolute/objective
but relative/subjective.

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