Paul Winkler wrote:
1. Allow use of source control (branching, diffs, revision history, etc) on all content types as plain text files, not python pickles. 2. Allow editing of zope objects (DTML, ZPT, ZSQL, py script) externally in appropriate editor.
3. Allow us to quickly push out minor patches to running servers.
4. A distant final item was using TTW editing to do minor tweaks.

DirectoryViews would mean you'd lose #4.

If you really need to, you have the "customize" button for temporary patches.

Also, if you have any persistent objects for which there isn't an existing
FSObject-derived version, you'd have to write one.

GenericSetup likely covers those ;-)

Another issue is that AFAIK there's no way to control the refresh
interval of FSObject subclasses.  I guess you could monkeypatch
FSObject._updateFromFS.  You might want to do that anyway so you
don't have to run your production servers in debug mode.

I don't think there's any place for debugging or updating from the FS on a running production server, but maybe that's just me...


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