Anyone have any idea whether dynamic css via dtml will remain possible as CMF gets more Z3'ish? Or will only possibility be overrides in css itself.


Peter Bengtsson wrote:

Tino Wildenhain wrote:

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John Huttley wrote:

What is the best way of handling CSS?
I've looked at ZStylesheets, but it is buggy and uses depreciated functions that will not be available in 2.10.

I recommend a DTML Document as an upgrade to File objects.
If you use DTML you can
a) easily set some custom cache headers in the css

Or use a cache manager :-)


b) refer to images by a dynamic URL to the imagefolder. *

* example:
#body { background:#fff url(<dtml-var images url>/bg.png); }

Which runs against (a) because if you aggressive cache
(which is a good idea) you shouldn't have dynamic elements
in it.

You mustn't use any dtml-if or other crap like that because then, as you say Tino, you lose the ability cache the css file.

I believe file objects are good enough and you could
probably split the CSS across some files to get the
dynamics w/o loosing performance.


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