Many things were said here... Lots of Kb's spent going around the world...
The main question remained unexplained!

Maybe Chris didn't know the answer and just directed this thread to
another direction where he could be much more exposed as the
" father"???

I don't know. What I do know is that I'm not a newbie AND I did my
homework (google+other sources) before coming here!
Maybe I'm a newbie regarding the use of Zope on top of 4 CPU's but
then again... Everybody is a bit newbie to something on this Earth!

I got to know Chris while I was living in London (working with Zope)
and he seemed a very nice guy having a pint of beer in front of him...
But I also know him from this mailing list... So...

When it comes to Chris answers I just ignore 80% of what he says and
try to learn the other 20% (the knowledge itself).
Having said this... Cheers!


On 3/22/06, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
> > Unfortunaltey, that is the ways things work, and I think we all have to
> > prepare to be nice to those newbies too.
> I think we have a right to expect those newbies to be nice back ;-)
> > Generally speaking, with the growing poularity of Zope-solutions, where
> > Plone and CPS being popular solutions more or less "hide" the technology
> > behind, we get a bunch of people that do not necessarily care about the
> > technology behind plone/cps, they just wnat things to work.
> If that's the case, they should either be prepared to pay someone.
> > Also, especially having the "marketing zope" discussions happening on
> > other lists, we need to come to terms with the fact that zope does not
> > exist in isolation from it's environment. Questions on the general Zope
> > list about issues and successes in deploying Zope, Zope performance
> > *ARE* legitimate questions on the list.
> Yes, but when you point out more helpful forums to people and they just
> whine back, they deserve all the abuse they get, I'm afraid...
> > So, questions and issues about threaded Pytohn apps are very likely  to
> > be related to Zope, and shoudl not be dismissed ad-hoc-ly, in spite of
> > the answer being "google is your friend: zope+multi+cpu"
> Not sure I agree. If people are expecting free help, they should at
> least have the courtesy to do the ground work.
> >>>
> >>
> >> Having chatted with both the author and the researcher of that paper,
> >> I don't remember the results being as clear-cut as you imply ;-)
> >>
> > having experienced this first hand, before the paper arrived (and it did
> > help me find the solution), I think I disagree :-)
> I think we can agree that this isn't consistent for everyone, which
> kindof proves the point that other options might be best explored first ;-)
> > I guess he was under the wrong impression that the zope-list was a
> > friendly and safe place to ask questions and get community support :)
> For the vast majority of people, it is. If you're rude and lazy, then
> maybe it shouldn't be ;-)
> > Checkov (or someone) said something along the lines of "good table
> > manners is not to not spill sauce on the table, but to not notice when
> > someone else does".
> Visiting someone's house without an invitation and throwing sauce in
> their face is not something I think covered by that phrase...
> cheers,
> Chris
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