Cyrille Bonnet wrote:

I am using Plone 2.1.2, which uses CookieCrumbler. I wanted to put the problem in a Zope perspective, though: this is why I didn't mention that.

Then I'd suggest going and bugging the Plohn people about this.
CookeCrumbler _is_ insecure, and I've pointed this out and provided convoluted patches in the past. But even with those patches, you _still_ need to use https to get real security ;-)

I had thought of SSL, but it doesn't solve the problem for WebDAV access.

Huh? WebDAV over SSL will work just fine...

I should also mention that the site is for the general public, with a few users logging in.

So have the users who need to log in use a different subdomain, and make sure that's all SSL encrypted.

Of course, I can't put the public site on SSL,

Why not? If you're _so_ fussed about security, that's what you _need_ to do...

It seems so much simpler to solve the problem at the root: change Zope authentication.

Great, patches accepted. But please bear in mind we will rip them to shreds, especially if they use cookies or don't use SSL...

I'd rather encrypt passwords with a hash and reset the password if the users have lost it. Is it possible to do that in Zope?

You can do anything you want, you just have to write the code.

* why is Zope authentication implemented that way?

what way? http basic auth is a standard. cookie auth isn't, and it's always insecure no matter how you implement it

* Is it really complex to secure the authentication process?

Yes. Always. Get over it. You _will_ screw it up so stop getting you knickers in a twist...

* Is there any documentation summing up Zope security (authentication process, password storage, etc.)?

Probably. Why don't you have a look? Failing that, there's always the source code...

Seriously, you're worrying about stuff you shouldn't.

If you really care about security, unplug your server put it in a safe and leave it there. And pay someone to guard it and make sure no-one even sets eyes on it, let alone powers it up.

If you're moderately concerned about security, https _all_ your website interactions. Use client-side certificates to authenticate over SSL. Rigorously train all your users about security.



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