Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>>> When attempting to configure Zope 2.8.5, however, I receive the
>>> following error from configure:
>>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>>> /usr/local/zope/software-home/zope/configure
>>> --prefix=/usr/local/zope/instance-home/
>>> --with-python=/usr/local/zope/software-home/python/
>>> Using Python interpreter at /usr/local/zope/software-home/python/
>>> Configuring Zope installation
>>> /usr/local/zope/software-home/zope/configure:
>>> /usr/local/zope/software-home/python/: permission denied
> What is that slash doing at the end of /usr/local/zope/software-home/
> python/? That directive is supposed to point to the Python binary,  not
> some folder.

Ah! The directive was pointing to the *directory* containing the Python
binary, not to Python itself. Adding "python" to the end fixed the
problem. Phew!

> jens

Thanks, Jens. Who knows when I would have noticed that out on my own.


NB: I originally (unintentionally) replied directly to Jens. Resending
this to let the list know that his suggestion resolved the problem. G.

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