This is fixed on SVN trunk [1]. I hope to get around to releasing 1.5.0 sometime soon-ish. Please also note that it is *not safe* to use 1.4.4 with Zopes > 2.7 because of major changes in the transaction machinery of Zope.


[1] svn co ExtFile

On 7. Apr 2006, at 23:22, Michael Vartanyan wrote:

I've got a site with a couple hundred ExtFile objects. I now need to index the content of the various files (word, pdf, excel, ppt). I see that ExtFile doesn't have a PrincipiaSearchSource method so I created one. It returns self.index_html(). When I go back into my catalog and reindex my PrincipiaSearchSource index (a textindexng index), clicking the "Reindex" button opens the ExtFile I'm trying to index. Is there something more to the process of trying to index ExtFiles with TextIndexNG. I've googled around and tried a few things but either they don't work or I get the same results I've just described. Any ideas?

this is what was discussed here:

and a number of times before. Looks like someone needs to really look at this. I will try to do that over the weekend, if nothing works... well, my 19k ExtFiles will have to turn into Chris' blobs :-)

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