Hello readers,

I've spent quite some time looking around for the "right" procedure to
integrate Zope and Apache.
I use mod_proxy as described in a number of places, especially:
I've followed the instructions step by step and it "mostly" works,
meaning that *some* links do not work:
- the "... folder at /..." link at the top of the main frame in ZMI
- the top-right menu (quick start, prefs, logout) in ZMI
- the ZMI link in the home (quick start) page
- ...
These links do not get rewritten to get "/zope" prepended to the 
local path part, so they give an error 404.

All other links work, though, so I think that my setup is "almost"

Am I missing something? I have created the SiteRoot object in the
root (/) folder. Is this correct?
Base is "http://my-server.my-domain.com/zope";
Path is "/"

To somewhat work around this problem, I have had to add a bunch of
extra ProxyPass statements in Apache's configuration, like:

ProxyPass /manage_page_style.css 
ProxyPass /manage_workspace http://my-server.my-domain.com:8080/manage_workspace
ProxyPass /manage_zmi_logout 
ProxyPass /manage_zmi_prefs http://my-server.my-domain.com:8080/manage_zmi_prefs
ProxyPass /zope_quick_start http://my-server.my-domain.com:8080/zope_quick_start
ProxyPass /manage http://my-server.my-domain.com:8080/manage
ProxyPass /HelpSys  http://my-server.my-domain.com:8080/HelpSys
ProxyPass /Examples  http://my-server.my-domain.com:8080/Examples
ProxyPass /manage_importObject 

This is probably not the right approach, but I can't find what is wrong in my

Thanks in advance for any help,

Alain Fauconnet
IT Technical Manager
Asian Institute of Technology
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