On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 12:58:10PM +0200, Tino Wildenhain wrote:
> Alain Fauconnet schrieb:
> >Hello readers,
> >
> >I've spent quite some time looking around for the "right" procedure to
> >integrate Zope and Apache.
> >I use mod_proxy as described in a number of places, especially:
> >http://www.zope.org/Members/anser/apache_zserver
> >I've followed the instructions step by step and it "mostly" works,
> >meaning that *some* links do not work:
> >- the "... folder at /..." link at the top of the main frame in ZMI
> >- the top-right menu (quick start, prefs, logout) in ZMI
> >- the ZMI link in the home (quick start) page
> >- ...
> >These links do not get rewritten to get "/zope" prepended to the 
> >local path part, so they give an error 404.
> >
> >All other links work, though, so I think that my setup is "almost"
> >right.
> >
> >Am I missing something? I have created the SiteRoot object in the
> >root (/) folder. Is this correct?
> >Base is "http://my-server.my-domain.com/zope";
> >Path is "/"
> >

> I fear the resource you discovered is wrong and old.
> Today, you have VirtualHostmonster (the "virtual_hosting" - object
> you have in your Zope-Root per default) to take care of
> rewriting the addresses. You only change the Rewrites to
> signal the hostname you want to zope. (Virtual-Host-Monster
> has hints for the format in its management interface - you
> dont need to configure anything there, just read the example)
> I usually dont use ProxyPass but mod_rewrite directly:
> RewriteEngine On
> RewriteRule ^/(.*) 
> [P,L]
> is the host:port zope listens.

Thanks for the detailed reply. 
I'm looking into this now. I'm still confused by mod_rewrite vs.
mod_proxy though. My Zope/Plone site is supposed to eventually get a lot of
hits. Although it's hosted on a kind of high-end box, I have real
concerns about the level of performance that will be obtained. Hence
mod_proxy looked appealing because it's supposed to deliver higher
performance than Zope's own HTTP server, right? 
It seems that more and more people use mod_rewrite instead. Isn't this
a much more pass-through approach than mod_proxy? (especially if I turn
some caching on - not something I've seen covered anywhere). By "more
pass-through" I mean  that clients end up taking to Zope's own HTTP
server directly, with all the performance problems mentioned here and
Would you please hint me on the rationale behind choosing between
mod_proxy and mod_rewrite? I'm quite fuzzy on this now.

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