Have you tried Rakun Project for this problem. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite for now. But it can handle all kind of SQL databases.

Please take a look at its web site:


For all kind of questions about it, you can contact me

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>Great idea.  Not to be recommended in general.
>This works because every field is textual, and you are
>sql-quoting by using type=string.
>Here are the problems:
>1)  if someone reads this and does not use the type=string
>tag, or equivalent, they will be wide open to sql injection.
>2)  OR, they can pass a list of type with each variable.
>3)  If you have to handle casts, then you will have to pass
>a list of cast-types, as well.
>So, you have essentially moved the problem from making at
>least one insertion call per table to a single insertion method
>that requires the creation of two, three, or four lists.  This does
>not self-evidently require less work.
>You can no longer inspect the method to see if it is correct.
>You have to look to each call-point to determine what is actually
>being used.  Just as bad, your application goes happily on its way if you
>are missing (non-key) variables.
>Keep zsql methods a simple as possible.  Use as few tricks as
>possible.  Your goal is self-evident correctness, not the minimization
>of typing.

>jim penny

[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on 04/13/2006 02:23:22 PM:

> Whenever I'm using SQL databases in zope, I always seem to have to make
> a ZSQL instance for inserting into every table in my database, and they
> are all nearly the same - they just have a list of all the fields in the
> database in the parameters, then they say:
> insert into [table] ([list of fields]) values ([list of <dtml-sqlvar>s])
> I'd much rather have a dictionary of fields and values, and just throw
> it at the DB, not having to make those queries for every table. I have
> acheived it like so:
> mydict = {"field1":"value1" , "field2":"value2" ,...}
> (fields,values)=zip(*myDict.items())
> context.genericInsert(table='table name',fields=fields,values
> Where generic insert is the following ZSQL method:
> insert into "<dtml-var table>"
>  (<dtml-in expr="fields">"<dtml-var sequence-item>"<dtml-if
> sequence-end><dtml-else>,</dtml-if></dtml-in>)
>  values (<dtml-in expr="values"><dtml-sqlvar sequence-item
> type=string><dtml-if sequence-end><dtml-else>,</dtml-if></dtml-in>);
> with parameters:
> * table - table name
> * fields - list of fieldnames
> * values - list of values in the same order
> What do other people think of this? Is it a really bad idea?
> Robert Munro
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