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Jens, I thought that the linus file standard (what ever its called) was to use "/usr" when a user installs product and to "/opt" when it is a "Distro" product, in other words the place where a product is installed should not be
hard coded.

So you tell Python to install into "/opt", it does not matter. My point is that you do not want to replace/clobber the system Python. I have a feeling you are looking at this as some super-complicated thing. This is not rocket science.

At any-rate the problems seams to be that you use a variable out of the Python
distribution (which defines where python is installed) as the place to
install zope (as defined by the config variable).

Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about. You can configure the Python source package to install wherever you want, and the same is true for Zope. Where Zope lives has exactly *zero* relationship to where Python lives.

From my programming experience, I really expect that you got a name clash in
your installation routines.

Again, no idea what you are talking about. The self-built Python is an entirely self-contained environment. You never ever touch any system Python packages when you build/run Zope off of a self-compiled Python.

So as this is an all volunteer effort, I'm volunteering today, to try to hunt it down. Although a single day to understand a system as compley as the installation of zope is probably ludicrous. But I do have the machines setup
and profesional tools to use...

Can anybody help me in my goal of tracking this down?

Honestly, I think you're wasting your time. Even if you track this particular problem down (it *is* most likely the messed-up Python package the distribution ships) then that will not make your Zope install (or that system Python) any more "supported" as it is now. Which is "not".

Let me reiterate: Building on top of Python as shipped by some distribution, or using Zope as shipped with some distribution, will almost always get you blank stares when you ask questions on the Zope lists. If you want help and run a "supported" system, follow Andreas' and my advice and build Python and Zope from source. And again, *where* you put the two is *entirely* up to you, you should just ensure you do not overwrite any system Python packages.


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