Lars Hohmuth wrote:
> What process does Zope run as in Windows XP? I finally tracked down the
> 10053 errors in Plone’s MailHost down to port blocking in one of
> McAfee’s virus scanners. But neither enabling port 25 for python.exe,
> java.exe, or pythonservice.exe seems to work. Getting rid of the port 25
> blocking does, but that gives my sysadmin fits.

I hate to say that, but port opening for application names buys you
nothing in security. If you love both your Zope and security you would
rather choose some kind of linux. If its a server box and you are
only running zope on it - where should the worms and virusses come
from? Security is a concept, not just a weird personal "firewall".


PS: yes, the "process" is usually python.exe. Your admin however
should be able to look at the taskmanager for the real name or
find out by trial with that funny "firewall".

PS2: what do people use on windows to find out about network port
binding? netstat -p isnt available. Maybe some kind of lsof?
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