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Andy Altepeter wrote:
Hey All,

I'm experiencing hanging issues with my Zope-2.8.6+zeo setup/ RHEL 4. The hanging isn't categorized by 100% cpu usage. Actually, I had the same issues using 2.8.5, but I've upgraded since then. Here's the situation:

I have one zeo client connected to a zeo server on the same box. Apache sits in front, using RewriteRules to request data from zope.

After some time (could be 2 minutes or an hour), the zeo client stops responding. Apparently this is called a deadlock or a "spinning zope".

I've tried using gdb to attach to the zeo client pid, and use the recipe to print a traceback, but the call always aborted with SIGABORT. I've captured all of the requests sent to zope during an uptime window (via Z2.log), and using wget to "replay" the requests. I've also pulled from apache's rewrite log all requests proxied to zope, thinking the Z2.log only writes finished requests. I setup another zeo client (on the same box, different port) and used wget to replay these captures as well. Just running these captures does not cause zope to hang. In fact, I have not been able to cause zope to hang by replaying. There doesn't seem to be any one url or sequence of urls that cause zope to hang.

I've tried reinstalling the zope instance, but that didn't help.

I've tried using to inspect the trace.log. This shows a high number of "hangs", but not on a url that actually triggers a spinning zope.

Basically, that's where I'm stuck. Is there anything else I can try? Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help,
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