Sebastian Tennant wrote:

> I've just apt-installed zope2.8.6 and CMF1.5 on Debian Sarge courtesy of
>   zope-cmf1.5
>   zope-cmfactionicons1.5
>   zope-cmfcalendar1.5
>   zope-cmfcore1.5
>   zope-cmfdefault1.5
>   zope-cmfsetup1.5
>   zope-cmftopic1.5
>   zope-cmfuid1.5
>   zope-dcworkflow1.5
> I believe Debian does things slightly different so here's where
> everything lives:
>   Zope home:            /usr/lib/zope2.8
>   Zope software home:   /usr/lib/zope2.8/lib/python/
>   Instance directory:   /var/lib/zope2.8/instance
>   CMF packages:         /usr/share/zope/Products
> I've created an instance and added a
>   'products /usr/share/zope/Products'
> directive in that instance's zope.conf but CMF is not being imported
> on start up, and I'm getting the following event log message for each
> of the CMF packages mentioned above:
>   2006-04-29T12:36:05 ERROR Zope Could not import Products.CMFActionIcons:1.5
>   Traceback (most recent call last): File
>   "/usr/lib/zope2.8/lib/python/OFS/", line 698, in
>   import_product product=__import__(pname, global_dict, global_dict,
>   silly) ImportError: No module named CMFActionIcons:1.5
> Any help much appreciated.

Debian has a tool called `dzhandle` (zope-common package), it allows you to
create instances for different zope versions and add products to those 
So in order to use zope products installed from debian packages, you basically
need to do the following:
1) run `dzhandle -z2.8 make-instance $name-of-your-instance -m manual`
  (see `man dzhandle` for further details)
2) run `dzhandle -z2.8 add-product $name-of-your-instance \
        CMFCore CMFDefault DCWorkflow CMFSetup CMFTopic CMFUid CMFCalendar 

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