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Microsoft has confirmed that ASP error handlers in current versions of
IIS 6 do not, can not, and will not -- no matter what the security
settings --  get at POST data. There's a discussion of the changes at:

I think that is not 100% true-- I am not sure where the difference
lies -- but as we discussed I am using ASP404 on Windows 2003 (at with form Posting functioning.

The only issue (that I ran up against and had to solve) is that the
method used in ASP404 to determine whether the original request was a
POST or a GET no longer works on Win2003 (as it did on Win2000) -- it
is necessary to introduce a kludge in the ASP code.

The author confirmed that the changes also affect custom error handlers.

So, the days of serving Zope pages on IIS via the 404handler.asp
approach are pretty much over.

Not quite -- but maybe numbered. I agree though that starting out now
using it when it was not previously in use might be a bad plan.  I am
not totally sure what is causing your problem but on my (fully patched
Win2003)server the Post data is available.

I had a look at Enfold's Proxy when I this issue first came up for me
but found that it did not solve my problem (though it could be that I
just didn't understand something about it). In my case putting Apache
in front did not seem a reasonable solution either as I am running IIS
on the box and needed it to stay.
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