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My problem:  I need to access the DOM.  I need to pass a value from a
form field to a python script.  I've been trying to avoid this
intersection for quite some time, using creative alternatives to get
around the problem.  However, I'm having difficulty avoiding it this

I found something interesting:  ZDOM.  Looks promising, but I don't
know what the heck I'm doing since the documentation is so laconic and
sparse.  The example provided is too general for me.  I need a
working, practical example.

I'm not sure if 2.5 implements ZDOM.  If so, has anyone used it yet?
If someone has used it, then perhaps that someone could send me a code
snippet as an example?

Here is some info on ZDOM (but i don't think it is what you want!):


This is a client side problem not a server side (ie. zope) issue. Normally, all form fields are accessible via REQUEST on the server side. A couple of tricks:

1) use <input type='hidden' ...> html tags to pass info back to zope
2) use javascript to create new form fields (ie. based on some user interaction, you need to pass something new back to zope)


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