I can create a dtml-in filte with the following code:
return [doc for doc in context.objectValues('DTML Document')  if
How can I do the same with a date or time ?
Martin Koekenberg

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Martin Koekenberg schrieb:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to use a DTML-In to display all DTML Documents in a
> folder exept the one's with a centain value in a property ?
> Example.
> DTML Document one with property a=bc
> DTML Document two with property a=de
> DTML Document three with property a=bc
> Now I want to use DTML-IN to display all the dtml documents except the
> ones with property a=de.
> I also use the size and batchsize property to create links to the next
> 10 documents..... If I use an if statement the next 10 can be 9 ore
> less 9 items because there could be one ore more documents with a=de.

Just drop this DTML... or at least get help from python:

return [doc for doc in context.objectValues('DTML Document')  if

(python script or the like would be your friend - also
it makes it possible to replace the quite costy objectValues()
call with ZCatalog query w/o changing your presentation code)

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