Gerhard Schmidt wrote at 2006-5-3 08:20 +0200:
>On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 10:24:29PM +0200, Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> Gerhard Schmidt wrote at 2006-5-2 09:52 +0200:
>> > ...
>> >I try to reduce the load of the line between the backup Computing Center 
>> >and the Mainsite by having a zeo server as Proxy between the zope server 
>> >at the backup site an the ZEO at the main site. 
>> You will gain nothing -- as ZEO does not implement a cache
>> but forwards any request immediately to the storage.
>> Its only task is to synchronize concurrent access to a single
>> storage -- nothing else.
>For my primary goal this whould do perfectly. Primarily I whan't the 
>zeo at backup site just to foward the request to the main site. All 
>I want is the i have only one place to change the config in case of a 
>failure at the main site. Nothing more. Everything else whould be nice 
>to have. But still the even just forwarding does not work right now. 

Why would you want to use a ZEO server just for this relaying?

Would it not be better to use a DNS name which you could remap
at a central place (the DNS configuration) in case of problems?

Or use a TCP forwarder.

A ZEO server is definitely not appropriate just to relay requests.

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