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Subject: [Zope] How to set property from external method or pythonscript?

HI all,

External methods and pythonscripts are fine, but I did not find how to set
some property or bulk of properties to use in dtml document after calling
this ext.method or pythonscript. The passing variables I was find for
pythonscripts only.

If you are looking for ways to access property fields from dtml here are a few examples that may help. This was extracted from a 'quick-and-dirty' utility which loads a property field with data to create a 'legal-list' - the legal-list does not change once created (aside from some initial debugging!). If you are going to access property fields on a more frequent basis it would be better to use python scripts or external methods:

--check for property field and if it does not exist create it:

<dtml-if "not coup.hasProperty('provinces')">
 <dtml-call "coup.manage_addProperty('provinces', '', 'string')">

--update contents of the property field (in this case we are storing a pre-loading python dictionary):

<dtml-call "coup.manage_changeProperties({'provinces':aDict})">

--access contents of a property field (which in this case is a python dictionary):

<dtml-let etypes="coup.getProperty('provinces')">
 <dtml-in "etypes.keys()" sort>
   <dtml-var sequence-item> - <dtml-var "etypes[_['sequence-item']]"><br>


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