Hi there,

I have a "master template" with a slot definition like this:

            <!-- Main Content Area is HERE -->

            <div metal:define-slot="main"></div>

            <!-- Main Content Area ends HERE -->

And another template which attempts to fill it with something like:

<div metal:fill-slot="main" tal:define="childtopics python:
                                        childmaps python:
                                        topicmode python: len(childtopics) >
<h1 tal:content="here/Title"></h1>

Now for some reason I can't figure out, the end result ALWAYS has <span>
tags surrounding the content of the slot, despite the fact I say here they
shoul dbe "div"'s ...

            <!-- Main Content Area is HERE -->



I've tried other things like:

            <div metal:define-slot="main" />


            <metal:define-slot metal:define-slot="main" />

But no matter what I do, there's a span, even when everything says "div".

This is a problem because the end HTML does not validate, and I work in a
rather large organization that requires it's HTML content to validate ...

I've tried looking through the TAL/PageTemplates code, but without much
success ...

What am I missing here? Is this a bug/misfeature?  Could any one point to
the source code that handles this?


Jean-François Doyon
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