Thanks Dieter,
I stared at the solution and did not see it..

I tried a number of different things, all produced very unspecific tracebacks, just mentioning a problem with a btreefolder.
Fortunately I copied a traceback that pointed to the solution.

thanks again

Dieter Maurer wrote:
robert rottermann wrote at 2006-5-5 08:35 +0200:
 Module Products.Archetypes.BaseFolder, line 104, in manage_afterAdd
 Module Products.Archetypes.BaseObject, line 179, in manage_afterAdd
  - __traceback_info__: (<CartManager at /whirlweb/backup/whirlweb/portal_cartmanager>, 
<PloneSite at /whirlweb/backup/whirlweb>, <Folder at /whirlweb/backup>)
 Module Products.Archetypes.Referenceable, line 217, in manage_afterAdd
 Module Products.Archetypes.Referenceable, line 348, in _referenceApply
 Module Products.ZCatalog.Lazy, line 158, in __getitem__
 Module Products.BTreeFolder2.BTreeFolder2, line 210, in _getOb
KeyError: '11464251260848050376'

Looks as if your references were inconsistent (as always you find
out by examining the code in the lines identified by your traceback).

As always with inconsistencies, you have to resolve them.
In your special case, there are 2 options:

  1.  you delete the inconsistent references

  2.  you add an object with id "11464251260848050376"
      to the references "BTreeFolder2".

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