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LocalFS product (1.3-andreas) seems to be having a problem with the
<dtml-tree> tag in Zope 2.9.2/Python 2.4.2.  The <dtml-tree> behavior is
very different for a folder with three nested sub-folders (a list of the
three nested sub-folders) that what is seen when pointed to a LocalFS with
three nested subdirectories, even though they should be similar or the

The problem seems to be with the tpValues() program in the LocalFS product
which returns an empty list.  The controlling flag,
o.isPrincipiaFolderish, seems to be set to zero when it ought to have a
value of 1 when the object being referenced is a LocalDirectory instance.  
As a result, instead of returning a list of sub-directories it returns an 
empty list. 

There seems to be some trickery going on with the isPrincipiaFolderish 
and the tree_view attributes, but I don't quite get what's supposed to 
happen.  SmileyChris?  I think these were your mods.

Incidentally, the ZMI panel which uses <dtml-tree> seems to have the same
sort of problems I am seeing when there is a LocalFS.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  I plan to move to the 1.7-rc1
version, but there does not appear to be a fix for a bug of this sort in 
this latest release.


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