Terry Jones wrote:
That's 3 times where I somehow get to be in the wrong for taking the time
to point out that a piece of documentation in the project is quite

You didn't say you thought it was misleading, you worded it as if you expected it to still be true. A small difference maybe, but we're all busy people ;-)

That's one of the aims. It works against
that aim if the documentation is misleading. And, it works against the aim
of having more people involved if someone new and well-intentioned shows
up, runs into what looks like a clear (and, yes, very minor) problem, takes
the time to report it, and is then repeatedly told that they're in the

Well, you didn't say "this is wrong, I want to fix it". You said "doing this thing that's obviously out of date should work, why doesn't it", which is a slightly different kettle of fish ;-)

Sure. But when it's the only thing you have to go on,

It's not. There's plenty of coverage both in the 2.6 book on zope.org and the 2.7 book on plope.org...

when the document is
sitting on the official zope.org web site,

zope.org is a joke, despite many people's efforts. Get over it and move on to enjoying zope despite this ;-)

and when it says something is
separately downloadable, experience dictates that you ignore the mentioned
version number and go looking for the latest version of that thing. Which
is exactly what I did.

I don't think that's correct. If you see an ancient version of any software mentioned in a doc, you might want to consider the validity of the document as a whole...

original smiley). I was trying to help yesterday.  I'm trying to now too,
when I say that I don't think it's in the best interests of the project to
tell newcomers who run across problems that they're in the wrong because
they were naive enough to read and rely on the documentation.

Well, okay, I'll try and make the point again: you need to think hard when reading docs... if it's ancient, it might well be out of date and wholely inaccurate to the point of being totally misleading, as in this case...



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