Do you have the appropriate access to the directory on the server? (ie. the process zope runs as needs to be able to read/write to the directory on the server).


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Hi all,

I am trying to mount the ZODB of a Plone 2.0.5/Zope-2.7.6/Python 2.3.5 on a Plone 2.1.2/Zope-2.8.5/Python 2.3.5

I have created the appropriate entry in the zope.conf thus...

<zodb_db weeble>
  mount-point /weeble
    storage 1
    name zeostorage
    var $INSTANCE/var

I know that this setup works on another Zope instance, because I cut and pasted it out of the zope.conf there. I do not believe that there are any firewall issues between the servers because a seperate instance on t the same machine is already connecting to this ZEO server.

The problem that I have is that when I create a ZODB Mount Point, the weeble mount point appears available but when I click Create the browser just sits there waiting for a reply that never comes. The ZODB Mount Point is not created. The Zope instance, however, does not appear to deadlock; I can just stop the browser browse the ZMI perfectly well.

Is this a Zope version issue? Is there a 'rule' in ZEO where it can only accept one connection from each client machine? Or have I just missed a step in the process?

Many thanks in advance.

Jonathan Cleaver
Defence Academy - UK

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