I was just preparing to move to 2.8.6 (from 2.7.5).
A big part of my moving to 2.8.x is for supporting plone 2.1.x.

Is 2.8.7 still fine with plone 2.1.x?
Yes I am asking on plone list also...want to know from both sides of the equation... :-)

John S.

Andreas Jung wrote:

Hi all,

on behalf of Zope Corporation and the Zope community I am pleased to announce the release of Zope 2.8.6. You can download Zope 2.8.7 from

Some new features of Zope 2.8:

  - ZODB 3.4 with MVCC (multi version concurrency control) support.
    MVCC solves nearly every problem with ZODB read-conflict errors
    which is very important for high-traffic Zope sites.

  - Extension Classes were rewritten as Python new-style classes making
    all features of Python new-style classes available in Zope
    objects. This includes support for cyclic garbage collection.

- Integration of Zope 3 technologies through Five (see

For more information on what is new in this release, see the
CHANGES.txt files for the release:

See also:

Please bring all the bugs you have found to the Zope bugtracker:":

For more information on the available Zope releases, guidance for selecting
the right distribution and installation instructions, please see:

Please also keep in mind that Zope 2.8.7 requires Python 2.3.5. Zope 2.8.7
is not certified for any Python 2.4.x versions. So using Python 2.4 is neither recommended nor supported and any related questions or problems are likely to be ignored until 2.4 is an officially supported Python version for Zope.


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