It *sounds* like you might be behind some sort of load balancer that's talking to completely different Zope instances depending on some randomness. Is there only one Zope instance in play here?

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On Jun 1, 2006, at 6:53 PM, Dale Strickland-Clark wrote:

We have a strange case of a user disappearing from the acl_users folder.

The user used to be there and has been using the web site for some months but today, she reports that she has lost her permissions. Investigation revealed that her user id had disappeared from acl_users (it was the only one in
there) at that folder level.

Using the ZMI, I added her back in and it all seemed OK but then I realised I had given her the wrong role. I went back and corrected the role but she
disappeared again.

Now, even though the folder is showing "There are no users defined", when I
try and add her back in, I get "A user with the specified name already

I experimented a bit more.

I added another user and gave it Manager role. I can't delete this one.

I added another user and gave it one of our roles, Reviewer (the same as the
original ghost user). This one vanished immediately.

Can anyone offer any clues as to what might be happening here? Is it safe to
delete and re-create the acl_users folder?

Thanks for any help.
Dale Strickland-Clark
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