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We've been using DTML but we are at a point where we could move to page templates. We are starting a major restruture and rewrite of much of the system and are debating moving to ZPT. Performance is potentially a major issue. We are using Zope 2.9.X, will eventually move to Zope 2.10.X and Five. Python 2.4.X.

Has anyone done any benchmark comparison of the two design choices? For the same functionality, which performs better. No flame wars about which is better, just information about performance.


Interesting question. Because to reasonably performance test ZPT vs DTML one would have a scenario where DTML script does both logic and presentation (its "weakness") and ZPT does presentation and off-loads its logic to Python Scripts (presumably its strength). Note: I say this assuming the DTML "typically" has lots of embedded logic whereas ZPT does not.

Chris M wrote an very interesting blog (see that (among other things) compares Meld to ZPT in terms of performance. I recall that he was impressed with ZPT's rendering speed.

At any rate, you could always invest the time to convert one of your DTML workhorses into ZPT and do your own compare. That might be best because the style your DTML was written in may make a big difference in your performance results.


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