Peter Bengtsson wrote:
Well, you could maybe create a new type of DTML Method called Clear
DTML Method which would in principle look something like this:

from zope.somewhere import DTMLMethod
class ClearDTMLMethod(DTMLMethod):
   meta_type = "Clear " + DTMLMethod.meta_type
   def __before_publishing_traverse__(...):
           do your stuff
# cross your fingers that it will work

But this restricts you to DTML Methods. So if you change to Page
Templates one day you'll have to recode the url param stuff.

Actually both ZPT and Python Scripts support this kind of thing automatically with the traverse_subpath variable. Anything after the name of the ZPT or PS in the URL gets put as a tuple in that variable.

Yet another reason to ditch your suzzy DTM(hel)L ;-)


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