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Chris Withers wrote:
yuppie wrote:
I just checked in the SampleSite demo product to the doc directory of GenericSetup. You can get it from GenericSetup/trunk.

Thanks, this looks great :-)

However, it now makes me wonder:

- how would I compare the current configuration with what's on disk without creating a snapshot?

- how can I "synch" just one python script or page template with what's on disk?

Sorry. Both use cases are not supported.

PS: I think there's a few rough edges on trunk:

There are more rough edges ;)

I setup a sample site, created a snapshot and then compared with what's on disk, the following differences were reported:

  <import-step id="rolemap" version="20060606-01"
               title="Role / Permission Map">
   Import custom roles and non-default role-permission mappings.
  <import-step id="site" version="20060606-01"
   Import site configuration.

This is annoying, but not annoying enough to make someone write a patch. If you use the "Ignore lines of whitespace" option you don't see these.

Index: siteroot.xml
--- siteroot.xml 2006/06/12 13:12:08.028 GMT+1
+++ siteroot.xml 2006/06/12 13:01:01 GMT+1
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 <?xml version="1.0"?>
-<object name="mySite" meta_type="Folder">
+<object name="siteroot" meta_type="Folder">
  <property name="title">Sample Zope Site</property>
  <object name="MailHost" meta_type="Mail Host"/>
  <object name="ZCatalog" meta_type="ZCatalog"/>

Avoiding this would have made the example more complex. The adapter responsible for that code is normally used for sub-folders, not the root. The name of the site root is ignored by the import handler but exported by the export handler.



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