Chris McDonough wrote:
It's just not possible to upgrade components of every configuration. Sometimes you just need to live with some specific configuration for a while. It's not really a bad thing to have a known-working configuration, even if it's a little old.


If we turned these log calls into warnings.warn calls, they could be filtered out by warnfilter configuration, no big deal, we could solve the "cant upgrade right now b ut don't want to see warnings" problem, nobody would need to write any code to filter out specific log messages or do anything else. I think that's practical too. This is what the warnings module is for.


In particular, these specific errors indicate a totally harmless condition

I'm not sure missing or incorrect security declarations could be described as "totally harmless"...

2.9, and 2.10 branches. It might be a good idea to turn all deprecation warnings in the core like this into warning messages,


especially given that the core itself generates warnings now due to its own use of features that have been marked as deprecated.

...which is pretty criminal imnsho :-/


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