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I have a ZSQL Method, which is called by my python
However, I am curious as to what type of object is
returned when that call is made.
It's some sort of a recordset (or resultset) object
that behaves like a list...it doesn't seem to be a
dictionary object though, but I can't find any object
reference on it.  I tried using rs.keys() but it says
that method doesn't exist in that class.
Does anyone have a member function list (object
reference ) that's associated with this resultset or
can tell me what kind of object is returned?
I gave up on google, couldn't find anything on it.

This example may point you in the right direction... (but substitue your own sql call)

rstat=context.Users.SQL_GetRetailersbyName(rStart='A%', rEnd='N%')
print 'rstat.names= ',rstat.names()
print 'rstat.data_dictionary= ',rstat.data_dictionary()
print 'rstat.dictionaries= ',rstat.dictionaries()
return printed



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