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Jonathan wrote:

       folder = self.restrictedTraverse('Coz/TempImages')
constructTransientObjectContainer(folder, 'GarbageCollector', timeout_mins=10, limit=0,

Be careful, I see a lot of hints in there that make me nervous. I'm of the opinion that if you think you need to use a TOC, you're probably doing something wrong...

The use case: the zodb contains small image objects which need to have a custom overlay (done with PIL) before being presented to the user. Each overlay is unique. Each customized image is only shown to a single user once, then it is discarded. In order to eliminate many writes to the zodb (disk), I have decided to put the customized images into a temporary folder (RAM). In order to delete the customized images I have created a TOC to act as a 'GarbageCollector'. Whenever a customized image is written to the temporary folder, an entry containing the image object id is placed in the TOC. When the TOC 'times-out' an entry a script (external method) acquires the object id from the TOC entry and deletes the customized image from the temporary folder.

This seems to be working... so far ;-)

What 'hints' are making you nervous?  Is there a 'better' way to do this?

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