As an occasional user of the site I'll present my typical use case, as that's what matters most to me... :-D

I go there normally for one of two reasons:

1) to slog through available products to see if I can find something to suit a development need I have

2) to slog through HowTos and documentation and tips and the like to try and solve some issue I can't figure out or learn how to do something I'm trying to do first time or differently etc.

On the one hand, there is a lot of completely and nearly obsolete content that turns up in both these cases, thus my use of the word "slog"...

On the other hand, I do sometimes find just what I need somewhere in all of what's there...and it's not usually easy. And, sometimes, it's somewhere in all that "bit-rot" that will no longer be I guess there will be less cruft and, hopefully, not too much less useful information in the new site?

What I would really appreciate on a new site would be an improved search functionality. Something that lets me filter out all but certain types of objects would be great. If I'm searching for a product, I only want to see hits on relevant product objects or directly related objects that will clearly point me to a product (like a product review, if there is to be such a thing)...likewise for HowTos, etc. etc....instead of as now where I get back all kinds of objects that happen to be hit by my search string even when most of them are irrelevant types of objects.

And thanks to everyone working on making a new site happen!

John S.


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