I would like to take this opprotunity to repeat myself. I know this is
boring but I feel it is important. :-)

We have already made a new www.zope.org once. That was an ambitious
project, which potential did not become fully realized. We need to
take with us the experiences of that.

And this is mainly:

1. We do NOT want a new www.zope.org. We want MANY new
"something".zope.org. We should have a products.zope.org, and a
collector.zope.org, and a faq.zope.org, and a wiki.zope.org, and

Because if we do that, each site becomes a nice handful of
managebility that can be improved and replaced separately from the

www.zope.org would be an hyping site, where we hype zope, and referr
people to the other "microsites".

* The zope.org site will be set up with the same software that runs
plone.org.  The sites will have different skins, of course, and will
  be configured a bit differently, but the underlying software will be
the same.

I'm very much less concerned about what software we actually have.
It's a minor issue in this, although of course, not writing software
from scratch unless you have too seems to be a good idea. The
important thing is that we do not try to build a big monolithic site
that does everything again, because then this will for the third time
stall and slowly die.

  site management authentication, PloneHelpCenter for documentation

docs.zope.org. :)

  tracking, either links to the existing ZC trackers or
  a Trac installation.


* zope.org will have a paid sysadmin.  Bas van der Linden of
  Amaze has volunteered the services of Wichert Akkerman,
  the very talented sysadmin who currently administers

Well, this is of course completely up to the foundation board. It's
probably a good idea, it's just a matter of judging the benefit and
the cost. ;-)

* Volunteers from the Zope community will be responsible for the
  site's content.  The current mock-up uses a skin designed
  by Tom Von Lahndorff.  I imagine that the initial text and
  information architecture will come from the svn repository
  of content that Andrew Sawyers and others have been working on.
  See http://new.zope.nl for an initial a mock-up.  The existing
  concept of membership for uploading bit-rot content will be retired.

No I don't follow you. Surely product information and news will be
uploaded and created by members? And surely that means some of it
sooner or later will rot?

* Existing community content on zope.org will NOT be migrated.
  The content will be made available on ZC's existing server
  via URL rewriting (to keep existing links from breaking) or
  by moving everything to an old.zope.org domain.

The old site can be moved to a old.zope.org as soon as there is a
products.zope.org and collector.zope org and news.zope.org up.

 The best
  content will be migrated by hand to PloneHelpCenter /
  PloneSoftwareCenter products.

I see no reason why product developers can't be "held responsible" for
migrating their own products. Products that then are not migrated can
be seen as abandoned and will go away when old.zope.org goes away.

* The zope.org site should acknowledge contributors in a overt fashion.
"Zope Rock Stars" who have risen up above the call of duty,
contributors, etc should be noted.  The Foundation can determine how to
implement this, but those paying for and providing services should
receive acknowledgment.

Yeah, good idea!

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